Friday, July 23, 2010

I have fallen in love with ...

Y Fenni cheese ... yes it's Welsh (Y Fenni is actually Welsh for Abergavenny), and it's a Cheddar cheese made with mustard seed and brown ale - it's wonderful !!!

Quiet night in now - a bit of messing in the garden tonight (built up a border and - once again - moved a lot of soil) - the pointing done earlier in the week is not brilliant - suffering from rain damage (despite being covered - bugger !), but I'm going to live with it.

Fingers crossed I can finish early enough tomorrow (need to get up at 0530 hrs - eek !) to get the full 90 minutes up at Mossley - Mrs Smiffy is away (in Wales ironically !) so I don't have the use of the car, which would have speeded things up a bit - still it'll be good to see how we do on a Saturday "sans automobile" - hopefully not too many bloody packets towards the end of the walk (last couple of days have been somewhat "heavy" in that area - not as in weight, but as in bloody awkwardness - lots of 'em, crazy sizes and nobody being in - meaning 3 or 4 minutes filling out the forms each time, and then having to continue to carry the damn things !) - welcome to Royal Mail !!

Now off to see what's on the telly - otherwise a DVD calls ...

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