Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mossley v East Manchester

I think (officially) it was Mossley Reserves v East Manchester, but it was a mix of what I would call first teamers and fringe players. Still don't know all the names, but there were some rather nice touches from some of the "AN Others". Also worth pointing out that for mid-July it was bloody cold tonight !!!! Pix from tonight at

Mossley 3 East Manchester 2

Saturday should be interesting - game at home against Bala Town and also an away game at Bacup Borough at the same time (oh to have so many players !) - let's see which players play where - and hopefully I should be finished work-wise in order to get up to Seel Park for 1500 hours.

Other news - applied for my Football Conference Snapper Licence today - so I'll be covered at all levels with the Six Tame Sides, depending on who plays where - and my work commitments - after a pretty poor effort last night (albeit only ten minutes !), I'm a little happier with tonight's offerings - and the deal has been done with Mrs Smiffy as in "You can have the new lens - if you pack in the fags again !" - so it's a no-brainer really. Prepare for a grumpy Smiffy over the next couple of weeks - but it's all in a good cause !

And here's a bonus pic - just for the hell of it - Nathan Neequaye getting involved ...

... meanwhile the patio "lies dormant" - might get something done down there on Sunday - weather permitting of course !!!

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Nortoner said...

Giving up the fags was the best thing I ever did Smiffy! Been stopped about 7 years now - wish I'd done it a lot sooner. (And of course, me and the Duchess both smoked so financial benefit alone was staggering! We were burning over £3500 per year on cigs!) Nicotine patches worked for us....