Friday, July 02, 2010

I've been ...

... at work (for a change !), hence the lack of "stuff" on here ... however, as it's the weekend (and I'm in tomorrow at 0730 - which equates to leaving house at 0615 - integrated bus services - ha !!) I thought I'd squeeze a quick one in.

What can I say, apart from "I'm loving it !!!" - once I get my own "patch" I will take the GPS out with me, just for the hell of it, but up to now, it's been good - a little awkward today (lots of packets - lots of empty houses, so ended up carrying them ALL the way round) - more paperwork than you think - first paypacket went in today (none of this "week in hand" kerfuffle), which finally gets the bank balance looking 'positive' - home in time to finally kick-start the patio project as well (a couple of breeze blocks laid - pictures later !!) before heading to the pub to watch extra-time and penalties ... and heartache for Ghana.

In between times, I've emptied the pix off babycam - and I offer up two for now:

From the "bog wall" in the Britannia - just about sums it up !

After college on Wednesday - ended up in the "Q" in Stalybridge (in the Guiness Book of Records as the pub with the shortest name !) - witness the astro-turf - it's actually the very same stuff from Hyde United's ill-fated move towards artificial turf back in 19eightysomething !!

Anyway - proves I'm still alive and kicking - let's see what the weekend brings ... I'll be back before Sunday night - promise !!

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