Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mossley Youth v Woodley Sports Youth

"STS" extra pic - synchronised heading ...

... so I didn't make the Leigh game (best move probably - they keep winning in my absence !!), but got up to Seel Park to watch the youngsters for the second time in three days. A very different side turned out last night though - arguably a "scratch" side with no recognised goalkeeper (defender Kyle McDonagh donned the gloves); no subs either; Jordan Cuff on first team duty; Fab Fabio Abreu on England duty I believe. Woodley got off to a flyer with an early goal and one thought the home side would struggle given all the above problems - not a bit of it !! Joe Heap levelled the scores soon after half-time, and the phrase "play for the FULL 90 minutes" bore fruit as Nat Martin grabbed a very very late winner. All this while the first team were beating Leigh Genesis 3-1 (that's 6 points and 8 goals in 2 games - a far cry from this time last month). Some pictures from last night at

Mossley Youth 2 Woodley Sports Youth 1

... not totally happy with the pix - seemed to be having a few focussing problems, especially in the first half - it does seem to "show its age" at times that EOS 20D ! However a new body is still a distant dream (although I did deliver 1,400 polling cards the other week - dunno how much cash we get for each one - will probably find out when the wage slip arrives tomorrow ... certainly won't be as much as the "by-election windfall" just after Christmas).

The kitchen was all but finished late this afternoon - although we need a sparkie to come and shift a socket so that the integrated freezer ... can integrate !! Now it's time to paint, tidy, tile etc etc ... I did have a day off today - which was spent in the garden pointing a patio what I laid during my "dole period" last May/June ... and building ANOTHER breeze block wall ! Nice day for it though ...

Enough for now ...

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