Friday, April 01, 2011

Well it was Worth a Try ...

... unfortnately "Mr Anonymous" had it sussed as early as 0744 hrs this morning ... bugger !!!

There's been a few good 'uns today - this morning on Radio 4 we had the "3D Radio article" (featuring Robert Fripp in a vain attempt to give it added realism) - very good, but sorry - FAIL. I've also seen a "Pay what you Weigh" pricing idea for the Stalybridge/Workington game tomorrow; and also bookmakers making Mossley 1/10 favourites to beat Chester tomorrow (see here - you need to be registered tho' !); and Ashton United are getting all their fans to travel to the Hucknall game in Wellies ... No doubt there are many others out there in the ether ... (LATE EDIT - apparently Latvian student Lapri Olof has signed for Hyde FC !!!)

So - today in work @ Oldham to be told "Can you go down to Ashton for the day ?", closely followed by "Can you go down to Ashton all next week as well ??" ... hey ho, why not ... theory tomorrow is back in Oldham - get finished asap - and then head down to Belper (as noted in earlier thread, I'll be missing Mossley's biggie at home to Chester - such is life ...) - should get something on the Belper Town v Market Drayton Town game however.

Finishing this one with a rather "cute" (!!) scam e-mail received today (click on for big copy) ...

... suitably ignored by yours truly (no way am I clicking on those links !!) - but it might concern a few peeps though, seeing the "we will charge your card $847" statement) - s'pose the worrying thing is that it got through the 'AVG test' - so if any "anti-virus whizz kids" out there can hit the sender's e-mail address (Denial of Service etc) - GO FOR IT !!

Time for tea ... and a quiet night in ...

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