Friday, April 29, 2011

Today's "Big Match" ...

So when Will says "I will" ... I will be on the train to Lancaster ... Hope they have a spiffingly good time (and spend my taxes wisely - bet they don't have a honeymoon under canvas in Cornwall unlike Mrs Smiffy and myself 27 and a bit years ago !) - and ta muchly for the extra day's holiday ...

(Hope it's not classed as a treasonable offence to "deface" a snap of the Royals - I await the knock on the door !)

EDIT @ 0850 - Just heard the following quote on Radio 4's "Wedding Special" ... "A cheer went up from the crowd as a fork-lift truck went past ..." - for those staying 'at home' today - expect more of this banality over the next 15 hours .... eek ... they're now talking about the dress - quote from Mrs Smiffy "screw the Middle East - it's all about the frock" - enough enough !!!

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