Sunday, June 05, 2011

Any Tomato Plant Experts Out There ?

My first foray into tomato plant growing - see the beginnings - has now resulted in this on the window sill ...

The burning question is ... when should I plant out ??? They're a "tumbling" variety (i.e. for hanging baskets/tall containers) - they've been outside in between the tropical weather and the gale force winds we've been having (something to do with "hardening off") - but it's knowing when to "go for it". Do I wait for flowers on top (none yet) ... or what ? Any advice gratefully received.

(We also have a small Rosemary plant chugging away - but I know they're a bit more hardy so I'm more comfortable with that one !)


Anonymous said...

I am no expert but it looks like your tomatoes are well ready for your baskets. Loads of info. on Google re growing tomatoes in hanging baskets.

nosmo999 said...

Tomatoes look fine they can go outside now.Mrs Nosmo has toms and cumbers outside, Comfrey lesves make an excellent feed when added to your water butt.