Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Wobbles ....

... avoided the rain today - whilst working anyway ... nipped into the "Hanging Gate" in Diggle (whilst waiting for the bus home) for a quick "snifter" (Theakston's "Lightfoot") ...

Preparing for the weekend @ Hanging Gate

The first "tranche" of plastic glasses had arrived - for those who are not aware, this Friday is Whit Friday - a national holiday around here - early morning Whit Walks (the 'churchy stuff') and then in the afternoon/evening the brass band contests (and - to be honest - it's seen by many as an excuse for a monumental p*ss-up - hence the plastic glasses/extra staff/extra police presence etc etc) When our kiddies were at skool, they always had Whit Friday off - and so did I. Managed it last year (as I was on the dole - pics here - won't get posh pix this year though !) Also in Saddleworth there is the "Beer Walk" on the Saturday (this year's theme is "Crawl of Duty") ... so with me working in the midst of all this mayhem on Friday/Saturday - I'd better take babycam - just in case ...

Got back to Mossley - and the heavens opened - I had a few places to go (DIY shop, doctors/chemists, "convenience store" (!)) so I got wet anyway !!!

Football anyone ?? Have updated the new website with a few new friendlies for now ... still thinking of new ideas for same - all ideas gratefully received !!! Also plans are afoot for some new "moneyspinners" (at the moment top secret but ...) What with overtime at work starting to "slow down" (mostly due to me being here there and every bloody where), we need new ideas to keep the money coming in (especially if I want to get this new camera body - EOS 50D is the dream move ...). By the way I HAVE accepted the three month contract extension - after much "workie chitchat" it seems like a fair move - there is a pay increase - they can still shoot me off on 7 days notice - but so can I !! Plus by the end of September there'll be moves afoot to sort out stuff for the upcoming Christmas rush (we hope !!) so another extension is certainly a possibility.

Tonight's walk has been cancelled (something to do with the weather !) - so ... we'll have some tea soon and then - who knows (need to check out a few websites like what a saddo has to do !)

And one final admission - the last two days have seen me take my official "meal break" at the Diggle Hotel - where I have been drinking ... coca-cola - honest !!

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