Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Two Days from Hell ...

... work-wise ... probably karma for having Monday off !
So - I'm walking into Oldham office on Tuesday when the phone rings - "Can you go down to Ashton ?" So I did. Another "blind walk" (as in one I've never done before) - never mind, at least there was a bunch of keys for the pouch boxes. Off I went - all going well (OK a bit of rain but ...) until I reached the final pouch box - which I could not open with ANY of the keys on the bunch. Phoned Ashton Office to tell them the problem - no answer - phoned Oldham Office to tell THEM - straight to ansaphone, so problem was explained ... and I went home - to find a letter from RM offering a contract extension ... but only 3 months this time - good to know that hard work, putting up with being messed about virtually on a daily basis for the last two months and a 100% attendance record (what is this word "sick" ??) is suitably rewarded - hmmm ... will have a "think" for a few days before accepting/declining this kind offer.

Today - nipped into Ashton first to check they'd "got the message" - and return the bunch of keys (no comeback on me - at least not to my face !) before heading for Oldham to once again go on a "blind walk". Circumstances (of which I will not bore you - but there were a few - including keys for boxes as usual !) meant that my first letter did not go through the door until 1200hrs - yes midday ! That is just SOOO wrong on so many levels ... Then of course we had thunder, lightning, monsoon conditions - and of course not knowing "how the walk panned out" meant my last letter went through the door at 1630hrs. Was asked a few times, "Why are you so late postie ?" - my stock answer here is "I'm not late - I'm delivering tomorrow's mail REALLY early" - usually shuts 'em up ! Then had to get back to Oldham by bus and thence to Mossley ... arriving about 1800hrs. Felt like a full day's work - but unlikely to get a full day's pay mind (although an o/t claim WILL be going in ...).

Plan was to go for a bit of a walk tonight - but I've dipped out of that - stuff needs drying out - including ME !

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