Friday, June 03, 2011

Dry Dry Dry

... yep a day that makes it all worthwhile (and the official Royal Mail shorts came out to play as well !) ... hoping for similar tomorrow - probably followed by a haircut which will reveal strange white lines around the face !!! Not much else to say "a ce moment" - have been continuing to tickle/tweak the new website in between eating,working and sleeping. One big downer though - I ordered a "big" photo (yes one of mine !) a couple of weeks ago - got an e-mail from Photobox (my "processor of choice") saying it had been despatched on 23rd May - First Class ... not yet arrived!! The "fourteen day grace" is up on Monday so I'll probably be putting my "customer hat" on and grumbling that very same day. If those buggers at Royal Mail would just put me through their "driving assessment" course (I HAVE asked - several times) I could wander down to the requisite Delivery Office on my day off and put a few hours in sorting out their "parcel backlog" (which I know DOES exist !) ....

... but when your temporary contact finishes on 27th June - they're probably "hedging their bets" - might start asking questions tomorrow morning (although when you're on 7 days notice I'm sure they're not obliged to say owt ...).

Weekend ?? Will be checking out the cricket fixtures not long after I hit the "Publish" button here ...

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