Sunday, December 23, 2012

I Saw a Goal Today ...

oh boy ...

... yep - the Ossett Town consolation goal on 90 minutes - lucky that I'd got up to Seel Park just a few minutes earlier !!  Yes ... we're nearly there - but we've still got Christmas Eve to get through yet.

Just working it out - the last "real" game of football I saw was Stalybridge Celtic v Vauxhall Motors ... on the 1st December - and THAT was hardly a birthday treat !  Since then ... it's been "Christmas Pressure", waterlogged pitches, "Christmas Pressure", frozen pitches, late finishes (missing Celtic v Workington - a blessing in disguise in hindsight !), "Christmas Pressure", early starts - getting wet, getting cold, getting very wet ad nauseam ...  third Christmas with RM and it's certainly been the worst in all aspects - hours, weather and the sheer volume of stuff - recession, what recession ?

Had a txt part way round today saying "Mossley game ON " - knew I wouldn't make it, but I wondered how the hell it had beaten the weather !! All credit to the groundstaff however - I finished work at about 1600hrs - home for 1620hrs, out of the dripping wet clobber and dashed up the road (minus camera - no point getting all the gear wet for just a few minutes of football) so see ... a goal ... pitch looked really well considering (was told that it only really started to cut up in the last 15 minutes or so when the rain got 'heavier' !).  So a calculated gamble (IMHO) that paid off with three points.

Day off tomorrow (as in Sunday) - time to do the Christmas food shopping - and maybe some last minute (!) presents - in at 0630 on Monday - hoping for an easier day (but not holding my breath) before a massive 48 hour break ... let's hope that Curzon Ashton are getting their pitch ready for the visit of Mossley on Boxing Day - and that the weather is kind - this lack of football is really giving me ... cold turkey (ho ho ho !!)

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