Sunday, December 02, 2012

Stalybridge Celtic v Vauxhall Motors (part !)

... as predicted - another "yuk" day at the mail/parcel face (fingers crossed it's a question of peeps 'ordering early' this year - although I bet it STILL goes bananas in the last 7 days) - sub-zero temperatures didn't help much either (!) ...  so finished somewhat late for a Saturday (1445hrs), dashed home to see what was occurring football-wise (had already been advised that Mossley was OFF), and headed straight up to Stalybridge for their game against Vauxhall Motors, arriving about 25 minutes late (!).  

Not a good day for the home side - distinctly lacking up front I'm afraid - and this coupled with a harsh (IMHO) red card for Lewis Hatch and an 89th minute "smash and grab winner" for the visitors made it a miserable afternoon for the home support - sub-zero temperatures didn't help much either (!) ... and then word came through that Hyde had put 7 (seven) past Woking and Curzon Ashton had won 3-0 at home to Harrogate Railway ... picked a wrong 'un me (but it was the nearest so ...).  A few pictures from a freezing cold Bower Fold at

Stalybridge Celtic 0 Vauxhall Motors 1

Home - and out for birthday tapas with full family - only to be let down at the death by train cancellations home - bloody Northern Rail - any excuses/reasons gratefully received.  Two taxis home and collapse in heap.  No walk for me today - I've dipped out - so it's a case of continuing to rebuild the house after the recent improvements (need to nip down to ye local DIY shoppe for some new light switches, some cupboard doors to move about - and this of course).  Already sorted out some new curtains (dirt cheap when you get involved in this Tesco Clubcard exchange kerfuffle !).  Meat for tea defrosting (ha !!) as we speak.

Back on "very earlies" next week - so, Northern Rail I'm depending on you NOT to balls it up ...

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