Thursday, December 27, 2012

Stalybridge Celtic v Altrincham

Some pictures for starters ...

Stalybridge Celtic 2 Altrincham 2

... and if the camera wasn't rusty before - it might well be now after all that water !!!

More tomorrow/today - got to be at work in less than 6 hours - aargh !!

THURSDAY EVENING UPDATE - well .. it got to about 1415hrs - and then the heavens opened !!! "My God - it'll be like going to work - but paying for the privilege", thought I.  Still - got to Bower Fold in time for a quick pre-match Peroni (just can't drink that lo-grav keg rubbish - hopefully the 'Hail Ale Project' will put that right in the fullness of time.

Getting ready to go out - and a loud cheer erupts - teams coming out - NO - apparently Celtic are 1-0 up - I check watch - it's ONLY 1457hrs and the Golden Goal was given as 1 minute ... BUGGER.  Hey ho ... still bucketing it down as well.  Celtic were looking much better than the last time I saw them (as in the last match I'd seen 25 days earlier !) - however a "momentary lapse of reason" saw Alty equalise and then early doors in the second half they edged ahead with a second goal from Watmore.  However far from home heads dropping, Celtic kept plugging away and got their just rewards with a second goal from Jack Laird.  From then on, it could have gone either way - 'twas good end to end stuff as the weather improved slightly (as in "rain" rather than "torrents" !).  In the end though I reckon a draw was a fair result - a touch of (penalty) controversy at either end evened itself out and all-in-all a cracking game of football given the atrocious conditions.

Happy to get a game in (AT LAST !) - and home via a beer or two.  One "cold turkey" moment sorted (i.e. lack of football) only to be greeted with another "cold turkey" moment (i.e. tea !).  Slumped out for a while before sorting pix and then heading off to bed before another early start today - not too many Christmas cards coming through - but ... bloody catalogues (Spring Sales, Holiday Brochures etc) - my gum it was heavy - as in weight !

... and then to come home, open payslip and find rather a lot of last week's overtime "missing" - a bit of a kick in the festive teeth to put it mildly.  Happy to work it - but it's nice to get the money innit ??  Phone call ("Angry of Mossley" !) dutifully bunged on the answerphone - let's see what occurs tomorrow ...

Out in a bit (after some 'non-turkey based tea') ...

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