Monday, December 10, 2012

Manic Monday ...

... normally one of the two quiet days @ work (other being Tuesday ... and OK Saturday if you like - but that would make three ...) - not today though  - - aargh !!  Obviously they've had the "casuals" in on Sunday doing extra sorting, so we 'walkmen' copped for it today.  Weather still not brilliant either (i.e. dodgy underfoot) - so a late finish.  By the time I was walking up our street it was "glistening" again, so I reckoned the Curzon Ashton v Trafford game would be off tonight.

How wrong was I ?  Apparently they played (yet to hear the full monty on the game mind) and it finished 0-0.  Me ?? I roasted up a topside of beef to make butty material for the week, had a couple of pints down the pub, put a load of washing on - and most importantly got my e-mail sorted !!!  I think it wasn't until about Friday last week that I realised I'd had no e-mails since Wednesday.  I did fiddle about with stuff over the weekend, but still no joy, so this evening I phoned up Orange - and "the man" took control of my laptop (good ol' Citrix - I remember it well from a previous employ !) - and sorted it - and they all came gushing through ... so "big up" to Orange tonight !!

Let's see what Tuesday brings - certainly won;t be any non-league football I'm afraid (but come on Stafford Rangers - hope you can beat AFC Moneybags Fylde  ... and it would be nice if Cammell Laird can take something off Skelmersdale United as well !!).

Now I REALLY need to think about Christmas stuff ... oh and sleep as well !!

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