Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Curzon Ashton v Radcliffe Borough

A useful 3 points for the home side, winning 3-1 - but they made hard work of it against the 10 stout men of  Radcliffe ... more tomorrow ...

TUESDAY UPDATE ... OK three points for Curzon - but the turning point was the sending off of Radcliffe 'keeper Sam Andrew.  Extremely harsh in my view - but you get all this "letter of the law" b*ll*cks (obviously easier to apply - and spell - than "discretion") - so Radcliffe immediately down to 10 men - and they lose a striker as well with Dennis Sherriff having to take on the gloves.  The other point worth making here is ... how does such a decision affect the "advantaged" side (i.e. Curzon) ?? I'll tell you - they got sloppy ... they'd already got away with a couple of defensive errors before the red card - and they nearly had their bums bitten late on when Radcliffe pulled it back to 2-1 with a couple of minutes to go.  A late Mark Bett effort helped to relax - but I'm betting Curzon boss John Flanagan was not best pleased with the full 90 minutes.  Man-of-the-Match has to be Sherriff - played an absolute blinder in the nets for the visitors. Some pictures at

Curzon Ashton 3 Radcliffe Borough 1

(and can't you tell the wife's away ??? Off to watch Droylsden v Whitby Town tonight !!!)

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