Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Droylsden v Whitby Town

... I'd have been on earlier tonight - made sure I got home at a sensible time (unlike yesterday !!).  However have just spent over 90 minutes (!) trying to sort laptop out - refused to log in to my profile and gave me a temporary profile instead, which I then had to use to rescue etc etc etc.  Still we're back up and running for now (it IS 6 or 7 years old - maybe more - and running Vista !).

So as per last night - not too much now - Droylsden lost 2-0 (I missed the second goal in order to get bus home to get early train etc etc - see above) ... so it's a question of more tomorrow when I get home from work ... assuming the bloody laptop logs in nicely.  In the meantime - to whet appetites etc - here's a pic of Lee Healy having a crack at goal ...

... definitely "Work in Process" down at Droylsden - but more tomorrow - assuming this aged Dell is still playing ball !!!

WEDNESDAY UPDATE ... pics now up at

Droylsden 0 Whitby Town 2

Now I cook tea ...


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