Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Football Tonight

Pictures ...


Yes it wasn't Hyde - more tomorrow - I'm knackered ...

WEDNESDAY UPDATE - yeah I didn't go to Hyde (a 94th minute winner for Southport must have been a right bugger mind) - a wet/dry/wet day at work and then I came home to a deserted house ... Mrs Smiffy and small boy had buggered off out on the "geocaching trail" ... we did buy a new GPS when we came back from the Lakes (the old one - and I mean old ... probably 12 years old ?) had finally lost it's waterproofness - that Monday @ Ennerdale Bridge killed it off - and Mrs Smiffy had been thinking about this geocaching stuff - so there we go - new GPS with paperless geocaching options !  So they came home late - so Hyde would have been a struggle ... BUT then I was told "The Tale of the Dentists" - small boy is looking for an NHS option and had rung a dentist in Hyde ... "Yeah no problem - come down and fill in the form".  So he did - and when he got there ... "Oh no we're not taking on NHS at all - bye-bye" - a totally wasted journey, which sort of re-affirmed my absence in the Hyde area on Tuesday night (promise I WILL turn up sometime this season though) !

So ... I'd heard on the grapevine about a "semi-behind closed doors" game up at Mossley (OK more a training session with some opposition - in this case Wythenshawe Amateurs).  So ... why not - so much for "behind closed doors" (maybe more of an "unadvertised" game !).  By the time I got there Mossley were already 2-0 up ... but I'd decided not to bother too much with the action - rather going for a bit of "face painting" if you like - the sort of stock pictures that newspapers like to hoard.  Hence what you see in the album linked above.

So ... onward to Saturday ...

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