Saturday, August 24, 2013

Droylsden v Buxton

... was today's "Game of Choice" ... for a reason which should hopefully be revealed early tomorrow morning.

... and that's ALL I'm saying for now !

SUNDAY ...  pics from the game at

Droylsden 1 Buxton 1

... as in the ones that DIDN'T make it into today's "Non League Paper" !

Yes it was my first ever gig for the hallowed publication. Was asked on Wednesday - said "Yeah" - got all the info on Friday - and spent the evening panicking, learning about aspect ratios in Photoshop and getting my head around the use of XMP files ... and hoping that Saturday would not be too bad work-wise.

After a 0630 start at work, I got to Droylsden in good time lugging two cameras (one with dodgy shutter - REALLY must get it serviced !) and a dodgy laptop (see earlier this week) - name on the "guest list" though, so a tenner saved ! Decided as it was top v bottom to concentrate on the Droylsden goal.  So what happens ?? Yep Droylsden take the lead - bugger !!  Got something on it (as you can see in the paper) thank God.  The Buxton equaliser saw me probably at the wrong focal length unfortunately - to me the pic looks like it could have been taken at any time ... hey ho.  A much improved performance from Droylsden after Tuesday night - Buxton bossed the second half mind but could not find a winner.  Even so Buxton stay top - but Droylsden move off the bottom ... being replaced by ... Stafford Rangers - aargh !!!

Then the real fun began - I'd uploaded a few pics onto the laptop at half-time, but by the time I'd sorted out just one, the teams were back on - yikes.  Deadline was 1800 to transmit at least 10 ... and since Droylsden's relegation there was NO wi-fi at the ground - yikes.  Spent part of the second half faffing with computer and taking pictures until I noticed laptop battery was down to 9% - yikes - turn off quick in case everything gets lost !  At full-time it was a mad dash back home to try and get everything done before the deadline - choose, crop, sharpen, caption and ftp to agency ... and I just about made it.

Then it was off out for a meal with Mrs Smiffy and friends - and a well-earned (?) few beers.  No plans yet for today ... but maybe a slightly less stressful football appointment tomorrow at 1500 - Mossley v Curzon Ashton.


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