Sunday, November 11, 2007

.....and now the late news ....

Out last night @ friends - out all day today walking from Crowden to "home" - will try to do something after's now 1715 and I'm a "touch muddy" !

OK - now 2154 - some pix at

...including my first real "Photoshop fiddle" - may Frith forgive me - check out the pictures of the goal - as I've included both the "fiddled" and the "unfiddled" - one tiny tweak with the 'clone tool' - and Nigel Wharmby disappears !!

Can't say a lot about the game - as there isn't much to say

- we got a goal and they didn't

- we got three points and they didn't

- Clitheroe beat FCUM 2-1

..but I digress....there is a YouTube offering from the Radcliffe side of things - they look pretty good I feel - or is that down to editing (he says after whittling 100 pix down to 14 (including one duplicate) and skilfully avoiding the picture of the Radcliffe header that just went over the bar ....!!)

OK - in the interests of fairness is 'that' pic...

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