Thursday, November 29, 2007

Look What We've Got !!!

You might need to double-click on the image to be able to read it - this is a clipboard image of a pdf which I shoved into Word etc etc etc.....

I'll just be interested if it comes out in a legible format (otherwise I'll just take a bloody picture of it !!) - meanwhile -we're moving house - changing all our bank accounts - and from tomorrow I wish to be known as Buford Tumbler. Mrs Smiffy (Tumbler ?) will be dyeing her hair - after all it's a team effort.

Now that'll throw 'em all off the scent !!!

Now if the "Government" had trusted their disk(s) to the "People's Post Office" instead of some evil privatised concern .....

(Nearly forgot - Stalybridge Train Information System is "Still on Test" .....)

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Tameside Eye said...

My mum got one - sent to the wrong address! We got the letter through redirected mail. My mum did call HMRC before she moved house.