Thursday, November 08, 2007

What does "FA" stand for ???

Those "in the non-league know" may well be aware of the "ongoing situation" re the Clitheroe v Rushall Olympic FA Trophy replay that "didn't happen" on Tuesday night - but I'm going to tell you anyway ..

It was postponed following a protest from Rushall regarding Keiron Fitzgerald who played in the game on Saturday. He'd been sent off in the previous round (i.e. two weeks ago), and as all "in the non-league know" know, he should have been suspended as of Saturday.

Plot thickens here....according to Rushall, they warned Clitheroe about this at 1350 on the Saturday. According to Clitheroe they had received NO correspondence from the FA regarding any suspension - and there was nothing on the FA Website ("naughty boys" page) he played ...

Plot now gets thicker - Rushall immediately protest to FA - they postpone the replay and - all of a sudden the name Keiron Fitzgerald appears on the FA Website ("naughty boys" page) TWO DAYS AFTER THE GAME ....we are talking serious "retrospective" here !!!

The "Fariah Alam" fiasco was probably easier to sort out than this little upset in the distant backwaters of football .. I'd give you a link to the relevant stuff on the Clitheroe Message Board - but it is members only...

will get you to registration though ...interesting to note the input of some Tamworth fans onthis subject - whose team fell foul of the same secretary - who apparently knows his rule books back to front - last season in a County Cup game - however the Tamworth fans used a different word to describe the chap !!

The Rushall Board - again members only - ( will get you nearest) - is a lot quieter than the Clitheroe board

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