Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday 24 October 2008

... well I'm sure you knew the date anyway !!

I'm on holiday - for an entire week - so b*ll*x to the imbeciles that run Northern Rail / First TransPennineExpress / Simon Carves etc etc - I don't care ! I only hope that Bertie the Bus will get me to the Butchers Arms Droylsden before 1500 tomorrow - yes Mossley have a game @ Chorley (travel made all the harder by the complete "shutdown twixt Mossley/Stalybridge and Manchester) - Stafford Rangers are back "up our way" after a 7 day break (they'd better play for 90+ minutes rather than slacking off like they did at Hyde last weekend) - and all this despite the fact that I do have a certain affinity with Stalybridge Celtic - but no - tomorrow it's Droylsden v Belper Town - for rasons outlined earlier in the week...

Basically I'm just a football team "slag" - but I have many reasons - all perfectly valid - so nerrrrrrr !

As regards the "holiday" - nothing concrete planned yet - there'll be some walking done, no doubt - possibly Lake District for a day or two .... at this moment it's "one day at a time" - and tomorrow is FA Cup...

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