Thursday, October 23, 2008

Todd Rundgren - "Arena"

After work today - slipped into big city Manchester and finally purchased the new Todd Rundgren album "Arena" ... and we're back to the "good old days" - can you say that - I like the "No World Order" era as well. Anyroad up - "Arena" - with guitar, guitar and more guitar - track 1 - "Mad" very reminiscent of some of the later Utopia stuff ("Oops Wrong Planet" - ish) yet still showing some of the "individual" stuff ("MountainTop" could have come off side 2 of "Faithful") - natch on this album, the master does the lot .... and does it very very well ! Incidentally Track 3 ("Mercenary") contains what is to me the "ultimate rock riff" (at about 2.00 minutes) - one that crops up in all sorts of places from "More than a Feeling" by Boston to "Hamburger Concerto " by Focus - there's even bits of Ronnie Montrose/Sammy Hagar on the track "Gun" - I love it ......

It will be interesting to see what the line up is on November 6th - last time I saw Todd on the "Liars" tour @ Bridgewater Hall in Manchester (July 2004 - can't believe it was that long ago) he'd got former Utopia bassist Kasim Sultan in the band .... wouldn't it be nice to see those two with Roger Powell and Willie Wilcox - and them all do a version of "Singring and the Glass Guitar" - but it's late and I'm rambling/old/dreaming out loud ........after last night/this morning's finish, I think it wise to exit stage left .....

While I'm in anorak mode - about 6 minutes 14 seconds on Track 2 ("The Fire Still Burns") on the new DragonForce album "Ultra Beatdown" - "China in Your Hand" by T'Pau - that riff - honest - check it out !!!!!

Did I promise myself an early night tonight ?? Well 'tis earlier than yesterday far .........!!!!!

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