Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mossley v Radcliffe - the dry version ....

God it was wet last night - it's taken a good while to dry everything out (including me !!) - but .. the right result in the end - God knows what damage it's done to the pitch with home games on Saturday and next Tuesday - let's hope for the Indian summer this week ..... oh yes ...pix at

Remember - I got rather damp for these ...... !! (and here's a little STS exclusive as well - "aquatic handbags" ....)

Are England playing tonight ?? I must check the score - no rush mind - not that important ?

Almost forgot - the Mossley Message Board is "down" at the moment - some cock-up during an upgrade (sounds soooo familiar !!!!) so you'll have to make do with this and mossleyweb and SJNRs blog and ...etc ...

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