Thursday, May 20, 2010

Apres Dentist ...

... no probs - spit and polish in the end - although I'm looking to replace the four teeth at the front in the long run - yep the ones that come out at night - a very very old denture that goes back to March 1986 when I had a "bit of a do" whilst driving over the hills (read all about it on the 25th anniversary next year !!!).

Home via Top Mossley - and a quick peep in at Seel Park to see whether the lamps had arrived for the new floodlight pylons - not yet (now been told "a couple of weeks") - anyway a quick play with baby cam and you get this - with the airplane noise, kids in the skool playground, a strange "clunk" and then at 35 seconds - aargh ! ....

Home - job hunt - then out to do a bit in the garden ... and then - a new toy to play with (self-assembly naturally !) - it seems to work though as we only came in at 2230 !!

(It's smaller than it looks !!!)

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Ginger said...

I always thought this was one of the greatest views from a football ground as well as the leafy vista at Bower Fold. The ground still looks the same as it did in the 70's when I used to visit with my dad.