Friday, May 07, 2010

It's been a long night ...

... taking advantage of the situation, after returning from Bury last night about 2330, I "dug in" for a night in front of the box armed with a few tinnies !! "Our" result (Stalybridge & Hyde) finally came through at 0630 this morning - a much reduced majority for Labour. Reason for the late call was given as an "increased turnout" - 59.2% wasn't that brilliant though (up from 53% in 2005) was it ? So - nationally - the "horse trading" starts here I guess ... including electoral reform no doubt (a rough calc I did about 3 hours ago - Conservatives averaged about 34,700 votes per seat; Labour averaged 33,400 per seat ...... LibDems averaged 122,600 votes per seat !!) - how about a return to "Rotten Boroughs" ?!?!

Good night at the Comedy Club @ Bury Metro - hardly any mention of the General Election either !! Other big news from yesterday afternoon - I've made it to the "second interview" stage following my efforts a couple of weeks ago - 10 days to prepare ... positive vibes, positive vibes ... but now I think a couple of hours kip might be in order !


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Nortoner said...

Good Luck with interview 2 mate. Hope all goes well.