Sunday, May 09, 2010

Atherton LR v Ashton Athletic

... in the basement of the Vodkat League, it was truly a "winner takes all" game at Crilly Park (although to be pedantic, a draw would have been sufficient for the home side). The grass/dandelions had been trimmed since my visit earlier in the week, but it was a nervy game throughout with few chances at either end. The decisive goal came with 20 minutes left when Stephenson ran on to a "route one" ball to finish - and condemn Ashton Athletic to the second relegation place (although as we all know, so many promotion/relegation issues these days have nowt to do with "on the field" performances - so it's a "wait and see" moment - and not just for Ashton Athletic I'm sure ...).

Some pictures at

Atherton LR 1 Ashton Athletic 0

Game over - a few quick post-match pics and then back to the station to get back home for food, quick change and off up to Mossley for the "Awards Night" (see earlier post). Today was another "back-breaker" in the garden - taking advantage of some half-decent weather to do some serious digging and wall building (while Fleetwood Town were beating Alfreton Town in the race for the Conference Premier) - and then a restful evening ... and this ... next midweek - no idea as yet - although I do have a "possibility" for the week after next.

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