Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Glossop Reserves v Padiham Reserves

Yards Offside - far too quick !!

So - 365 days after being at Wembley snapping the Glossop senior squad - I ventured down to Surrey Street, Glossop ... for the Vodkat League Reserve Cup Final. As predicted, I WAS late turning up (ironically due to a problem with a Speedwell Bus - Glossop's main sponsors this season - the complaint WILL be going in tomorrow morning). Unfortunately I missed the first goal (in the first bloody minute !) in what was a highly entertaining game. There was a good level of skill from both sides - and there were a couple of Glossop players that caught the eye tonight (if only Mossley had a Manager who was scouting tonight !!) It was two well-taken goals (that I saw) that won the cup for Glossop tonight - with a slight "oops" in between (!) ... and we even had a pitch invasion of the canine variety !!! Some "rough and ready" pics at

Glossop Reserves 3 Padiham Reserves 1

(Maybe it IS time for a rest from football - it's certainly time for some "snapper kit upgrade" - but that depends on other things ... like getting a bloody job !). That's football sorted for this midweek anyway - Saturday sees a trip up to Lancaster to see middle boy, fiance and fiance's parents, so no football there (yes I've checked all options !!!). There's always next week though - early hints involve the Stockport Senior Cup Final next Tuesday at Woodley Sports (still need to confirm this though) - but until then, I'll have to fill the blog with some other illuminating stuff (gardening and job hunting spring to mind !).
Stay tuned - you never know ...

Just had a major "internet disappearance" - hopefully this - and pictures should now be there - in the corrected format (i.e. did not realise I'd missed a bloomin' goal, so had to make some slight "amendments" - just when the internet crashed !! Fingers crossed ).

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