Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Catching Up ... Slowly !!!

They call this a "footpath" !!

Got back Saturday evening - all trains perfect going down and coming back ... until that last "Three Mile Leap" from Stalybridge to Mossley (20 mins late - bravo Northern Rail ... OK the first "train" going down was theoretically Northern Rail - but it was actually a Rail Replacement Bus to Huddersfield so Northern Rail are NOT getting the credit for that !!).

A good weeks' walking - we clocked up just under 80 miles over the five "walking days", with about 60 of 'em actually on the "Ridgeway National Trail"  - tended to get wet just as we were getting towards the end of our walks each day - which left little/no time to get stuff dry (one of the first jobs when we got back !) - some good digs as well (B&Bs and pubs) ... some good food in the evenings ... and some good beer as well (once getting over the £3-60 a pint shock anyway !!) - even managed to get in at the tail end of a beer festival at the Fox and Hounds in Uffington !  Pub of the Week ? I reckon it was the "Inn With the Well" at Ogbourne St George (gets "Food of the Week" award as well !) ... although the rest of them all did well (Red Lion @ Avebury; Fox & Hounds @ Uffington; The Swan @ East Ilsley; Perch & Pike @ South Stoke; King William @ Hailey; The Chequers @ Watlington - it was just that "£3-40/£3-50/£3-60/even £3-70 a pint" that was the scary bit for us impoverished Northerners !!!  

A few pics from the week ...

So ... home Saturday evening, start drying stuff off, shopping/tidying/more washing on Sunday ... and back to work today !!  Finished in good time to prepare evening meal to within an inch of readiness (thus giving me two hours parole down at the Brit to watch the England game - can't complain about a draw really I suppose - always going to be a bit cagey at the group stage).  Home - eat tea - suffer massive migraine (been having a few of these recently - unable to pinpoint why at the moment - bit of a bugger ...) - wake up - finish sorting holiday snaps - and now this ...

Next job really is to scour the length and breadth of the "Six Tame Sides" area for more 'catch-up' info - found a few transfers on the Hyde site - spotted that Woodley Sports are now Stockport Sports (!?!) ... but that's probably a job for Tuesday night ...

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