Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In the words of Diana Ross ...

... for last weeks wages to appear in my bank account - yep a victim of the RBS computer software "glitch" - it was like old times listening to some geek on the radio this morning talking about 'batch processing' and 'rollbacks' ... quite brought a tear to my eye (actually that was probably due to the big 'minus sign' in front of a three-figure number !!). Panic ?? Naaah (in legacy software we trust !!!)

Some local football news - and very interesting it is too ... Ted Davies has joined Stalybridge Celtic ostensibly as "Head of Recruitment" (to quote Celtic supremo Rob Gorski), but I imagine he will get involved on various levels due to his experience and contacts - he spent a lot of time as Chief Scout for various Football League clubs and has been involved in youth development projects as well ...

 ... naturally the "interesting point" is that he spent last season at Hyde FC where he was very highly regarded before leaving (like pretty much everyone else - well almost) at the end of the season ... something of a coup here for Celtic - even some of the Hyde fans are wishing him luck in his new post - that's how much of an impact he made at Ewen Fields last year ! (LATER UPDATE - in the interests of balance ... there's a fair amount of vitriol appeared since I wrote the above as well ...)

July 1st draws ever closer - it's an important date in the non-league calendar - the date when non-contract players can start putting pen to paper for clubs - and hopefully the words "football news" can start appearing here a bit more often.

(actually a more important date for me at the moment is June 29th - when my latest RM contract finishes - no news yet of renewals either ... just keep going in I guess !)

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