Tuesday, June 19, 2012

One down ... one to go ...

Just watched the national cricket team ease to an 8 wicket win (on the internet of course - none of this Sky rubbish at chez Smiffy).  Home early enough to prepare a nice three course meal as well:

1) Kapusniak
2) Kotlety
3) Halushki

all to be washed down with a glass or two of Chernihisvskie

(for more information on this national style of cooking ... see here )

OK ... it's actually Pork in Cider (with a bottle of Bishops Finger !!)

Next stop - a large screen telly in a hostelry ... 

PS - While waiting for the Ukranian stew to bubble - I nipped out into the garden - and took this picture of a lesser spotted cabbage purple ... or some such butterfly/moth-type thing - unfortunately the bumblebee pix didn't work - my excuse is of course "wrong lens" (it was just a 'grab the camera moment' !!) - one for now anyway ...

...now time to eat ...

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