Saturday, June 02, 2012

Whit Friday Bands

... somewhat lacklustre !!! Early start @ work meant early finish - a couple of beers (in strangely empty pubs) before going home.  Change, tea and then out for a stroll.  We headed out of Mossley down the canal - and we could hear nothing !!  There's now only one contest in Mossley ("up top") but no sound of brass at all ... down the canal and  arrived at the Friezland Band Contest.  Fairly busy people-wise but fairly muted - large gaps between bands didn't help (and running out of the "decent beer" - i.e. the Millstone Brewery stuff - didn't help much either).  Our band of choice was the one from Switzerland (didn't catch name unfortunately), but the whole event seemed ... well lacklustre - and it took me till nearly the end to get camera out of bag - weird !! So ... just a couple from the twelve (yes - just 12) I took tonight ...

...yes there IS a band called "The Camping and Caravanning Club Brass Band" !!

... some slo-mo with me avoiding flash !

That was Whit Friday - there were the usual "dickheads" out on the streets of Mossley as we left and returned - but that's probably every Friday - not just on this once "special" day.  So many of the band contests have "bitten the dust" due to lack of help/volunteers, police interference due to cr*p behaviour - and ultimately finance (the prize money has to come from somewhere !)  The morning walks of witness will surely continue ... but it seems that this great local institution is shrinking at an alarming rate - and turning into "just another Friday" - sad ...

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