Thursday, May 31, 2012

Admissions Complete !

... well now we know all the prices for our "Six Tame Sides" - see here - varying from £7-50 at Curzon Ashton up to £14 at Hyde FC (although don't forget - we are talking about a 4 level (football) difference between these two prices - and of course there are discounts available on season tickets as well).  Must admit I'd also like to see some other options as well to "tempt in the floaters" - a "Five Match Ticket" or a "Ten Match Ticket" that could be used for matches of your choice - it's been tried before at a couple or three of our clubs - and they can make nice Birthday/Christmas pressies as well - remember we're in a double-dip recession as well !

Talking of football ... these arrived today (good old Royal Mail ...

... and having checked out the "whereabouts" of the seats on the Old Trafford "seating plan" - they would have cost me £88 to see United ... I paid £40 ... the Sunday ticket includes two games (Egypt v New Zealand and Brazil v Belarus) and the Wednesday game is Spain v Morocco ... all this slap-bang in the middle of the pre-season friendlies !

Whit Friday tomorrow up our way - for some a grand day out with the religious "Walks" in the morning and the Brass Band contests in the afternoon/evening - for others ... a glorified p*ss up which causes no end of grief - and to be honest - has probably led to the "Saddleworth Beer Walk" (which used to take place on the Saturday) being cancelled this year ... like last year (in Diggle), I'm working "in the thick of it" (this time Greenfield/Uppermill) - early "post off" for us mind, so hopefully I'll get out early evening for a bit of "brass and beer" (+ photos of course !) ...

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