Friday, May 11, 2012

Springhead v Stockport Georgians ... UPDATED ...

... in the Gilgryst Cup Final tonight @ Hyde FC - a 3-2 win to the Oldham-based side - with many hairy moments in the second half when they seemed to almost completely "switch off" (apart from the 'keeper !).  Too late for a full talk/photo album - but here's the one at the end (and that's "champagne" not rain !!) ...

More tomorrow - promise !

UPDATE  - pictures to be found at 

Having done my homework, I decided to go for the Springhead view on the night (a 17 game unbeaten run was the clue) - but it ended up a lot closer than expected.  3-2 at half-time and then Georgians spent almost the entire second half encamped in and around the Springhead penalty area - but they held out in the end.

Special mention to the Springhead number 11 who took a fearful hammering including some fairly brutal challenges at times - and just kept getting up and getting on with it - no moaning, no "reaction" - there's a fair few out there who could take a leaf out of this guy's book ...

No football tomorrow ... cricket maybe ???

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