Friday, May 18, 2012

Good Luck Bala Town ...

...OK not "strictly" non-league ... but tomorrow Bala Town are away at Llanelli  - playing for a place in the Europa League next season - and I wish them all the best.

Some may ask "Why ?" - but back in July 2010 there was a pre-season friendly up at Mossley ... against Bala Town - and Mossley won 3-1 (see here for more - plus pics).  Have always kept an eye open for them ever since (although having got rid of Sky, the "Sgorio" option has disappeared - why isn't S4C on Freeview ??????).

Anyway the message from this bit of Mossley is ...

"yfory pob lwc !"

(that's from Google Translate - hope it's right !)


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