Friday, May 04, 2012

Football Found !!!

Well ... you get the idea ...
... and it's NOT the FA Cup Final !!!

A trip "over the border" to Yorkshire to take in the West Riding County Amateur Football League - did the same last year  and the year before - this time it's Lower Hopton v Kirkburton - apparently the ground is not too far from Mirfield Station - easy train ride from Mossley (47 mins apparently with a change in Huddersfield) so ... sorted !!! And yes I know Bacup Borough are also at home tomorrow - but try that on public transport from Mossley !!!

And if anyone fancies it, please note it's a 1430hrs kick off ... so should be home to see some of the aforementioned Cup Final (what the hell have they done moving the kick-off to 1715hrs ?? TV talks I guess - plus of course it's a Bank Holiday weekend so naturally there's "engineering works" on the railway line 'twixt Liverpool and London - you couldn't make it up could you ???).

(PS - Marsden are at home on Wednesday - 1815hrs kick off ... maybe - just maybe ...)

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