Sunday, May 27, 2012

Something Close to my Heart !

... well England beat Norway - just ... and I could be talking about either the football or the Eurovision Song Contest here (OK that was UK but ... you get my drift !!!)  Suffice to say the football was probably only slightly more riveting than the music (that's me guessing by the way - I may well be wrong !!).

A sad yet familiar site these days ...

Anyway - to the point of this thread ... an e-petition to HM Government regarding the beer duty escalator - the tax on beer which is allowed to rise 2% ABOVE the rate of inflation every year - meanwhile supermarkets are STILL selling beer at rock-bottom prices - often as 'loss-leaders' to get peeps in (while helping to kill off a great British institution - not helped by the smoking ban either ... but that's another story - grrr !!).

Go on - stick your moniker on this e-petition - and if you're still feeeling 'public spirited' there's always the Football Blogging Awards as well ("Veteran" category please !!)

(Thanks to "Bloods Mad" on the Droylsden Forum for pointing this out ...)

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