Wednesday, May 23, 2012

You've All Been Very Kind ...

... vis-a-vis voting for me on the Football Blogging Awards (mentioned on here last week )

... in fact - I was only looking for votes in the "Best Veteran Blog" category - it appears I've also got a fair few votes in the "Best Male Blog" category - although I'm probably chasing a lost cause in that one !!!

Anyway - I promise to try very hard to talk football over the close season - obviously we've got the Euros and the Olympics coming up - but there's always loads going on behind the scenes in the non-league world, and I'll try to keep my eyes and ears open - the local pre-season friendly link will continue to be updated as well (as it has twice already this week !).

... and ... naturally ... if you haven't already voted for "Six Tame Sides" - please feel free (either that or tell me to "blog off" - as someone has already !!) - emphasis on the "Veteran Blog" category as well (although I might well get in touch with Mr Blogging Awards in case there is a possibility of a "Single Transferable Vote Option" (i.e. bung all the non-duplicates into one - you never know ...)

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