Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cricket - FAIL !

... well it got to that stage ...watered plants and potatoes (it's hot) ... planted tomato seeds (it's still hot) ... cleaned kitchen (gawd it's hot) ... picked up camera bag - and thought "sod this - it's too heavy - and too bloody hot !" A quick lens tweak - as in putting something a damn sight lighter in weight on the end - and I went for a gentle wander down the canal (with the appropriate "drop-in" at the pub - saw some cricket there - England v Windies - and the end of the "Monaco Grand Procession" !) - so apologies to all you cricket fans out there - all I have to offer today is 

Good to see Crewe making it through the play-off final  - an absolute belter of a first goal as well from Nick Powelll;  also nice to see AJ Leitch-Smith making an impression for the Railwaymen - he spent some time on loan at Curzon Ashton a couple of years ago - in fact here he is playing against Mossley back in April 2010 - note the original caption said "one tasty player" - I can spot a good 'un now and then !!

Believe it's going to be hot again tomorrow - at least I'll be getting paid for lugging a weight on my shoulder though !

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