Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day Off Project - FAIL !

... a day off from work - and I took it (for a change - working on the premise that this glorious weather will - eventually -break !).  So ... today's project was Mossley Pub signs - i.e. all of them !!!  Started at 1130 this morning and finished off in the "Rising Sun" at about 1330 hrs - where I had my first "shandy" !!  Strolled back into Mossley centre (I was wearing my new RM-Issue trainers - believe it or not they DO need breaking in !) to buy tonight's tea ('twas Mediterranean Chicken + Salad) before having "just one more" in the "Highland Laddie".  Discussed said project with the peeps in ... who said "Have you done the three Working Mens' Clubs ??" Mr Smug here said that they don't really count as pubs ... and then ... someone said .... "What about the Dysarts Arms ???"


Yep ... I've bloody well missed one .............................................

So ... feeling extremely stupid ... I can only offer up this:

... I WILL update at a later date - but it fair ruined my day - for those not "in the know" the Dysarts is on one road (yes ... in Mossley) - you get to the end of that road and turn left back towards Mossley and go past the "Royal George" pub - which is actually classed as Greenfield (i.e. OL3 postcode not OL5) - b*st*rd boundaries !!!

(For completeness tonight - here's a pic of the "missing pub" - stolen from Google Images)

Grrrrr .... back to work tomorrow (the dark recesses of Royton) - even forgot to buy a ticket for tonights £79m Euro ...bugger seems to be the kindest word ...

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