Sunday, November 18, 2012

A "STS" Apology ...

... as you've probably noticed over the last few weeks ... it's all getting a bit "irregular" on here - days missed out - and games missed out as well.  I can only say "sorry".  What bits I've squeezed on have involved football - where I can do - and various "bits and bobs" about redecorating/renovations around "Chez Smiffy" - so when every day becomes "Work - Tea - DIY/Decorate - sleep" ... there's not been that much time to sort out "STS".  With the house a bombsite - yes we are talking "serious renovation" - I'm afraid the blog is having to take second place.

Witness last week - missed the only available game because of "pressure" - am I allowed ???  Reckon I am - as the header for this blog says ..."there's more to life than football" - it's hard but I have to cope with that !!!

Well - yesterday I made a game ... but there was much more before - as in a particularly "heavy Saturday" at work  (Christmas is definitely coming - already !).  Got home - said "Hi !" to missus, got changed, buggered off out to football. Then it was home after game - get changed - head off down to Manchester (Royal Exchange) to meet friends and to see a Tennessee Williams thing ("Orpheus Descending") which was confusing to say the least.  Last train home arriving at 2225hrs - relax a while ... and then I'm up till 0245hrs sorting out pics from the game -  before getting up at 0800hrs this morning to crack on with more painting - believe me this ain't no "little jobbie" - we are talking "Big City" - as regards painting/filling/caulking/wiring - I finally got my "Non League Paper" at about 1630hrs this afternoon (Mrs Smiffy in bath - I sneak out for paper, fags and a couple of beers - I've deserved that as much as the missus has deserved her soak !!).

So - I finally get a chance to update .. here it is ... I'll stop this now and start another for yesterday's game.

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