Saturday, November 10, 2012

Totally "Cream Crackered" !

It's been "one of those weeks" ... early starts (0600hrs get up) - and from Wednesday onwards the mail and packets have 'gone viral' - it seems that Christmas has certainly started early in the Saddleworth area.  It's been home late (with overtime booked as done !) cook tea and then fall asleep - hence the lack of anything on here.  Factor into all this that we're still living in a bit of a "bombsite" and are desperately trying to get the house sorted in between work etc  - it's just been crazy !!! Last night I just couldn't be bothered cooking either, so I cheated and bought a "Tesco Curry Takeaway" option after work, slammed it in t'oven, ate it and then we sat down and started on the "Bourne Trilogy" on DVD (got the three for £7 a few weeks ago - Morrisons !).  Naturally fell asleep about halfway through before waking up and "rewinding" to the last thing I could remember and then carrying on !!

Another early start today - another heavy day as well (it's just not the norm for a Saturday)- finished late - so late I ended up having to take a taxi up to Hurst Cross for the Ashton United v Chorley game - argument being that, with Ashton having kindly given me a season ticket for "services rendered" (i.e. team and pen pic portraits), I could use my 'admission fee' to cover the taxi fare (and I was still a couple of quid up on the deal !!!).

Looking forward to a full day off tomorrow - which includes sorting out one new light fitting (including wiring - don't tell NICEIC) and some filling/caulking - and if time permits some more painting - at least all the plastering is now complete - thanks to Bryn (if anyone needs a plasterer in the Tameside area - I can supply details - he's done a damn fine job - and very reasonable too).

... and I'll sort out some pics from Ashton United v Chorley as well ...

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