Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Sorry Hyde ... UPDATED

... got home from work (0630 start) cold and wet - have dried stuff off (including me) - have cooked tea for the masses (including me) and have done some wood-cutting (as part of "repair the bombsite house") ...

... and it's nearly eight o'clock ...

Notice no 'immediate' mention of the £14 admission - but it does need including here in the interests of balance - train/bus to Hyde plus admission plus the "odd shandy" - getting home at silly o'clock with a 0530hrs get-up in the morning ...  sorry chaps just can't do it tonight - but no doubt Paul will be doing the biz vis-a-vis pictures (check out his site).

Afraid I'm reduced to TV footy this midweek ... so it goes

UPDATE at 2300 hrs-ish ... that's a cracking win against Grimsby i.e. a top 4 team - now only three points away from the "Droylsden Premier Disaster" - and if you look back through this blog, I'm sure I DID say that Hyde would do much much better - well done Tigers tonight !!

And all I managed was to see was a referee that was "Clattenburg Quality" - a "not offside" and a ridiculous "non penalty" at the very very end - coward ...

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