Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ashton United v Chorley

Early result from Friday night ... Chef's Knife 1 Shutter Finger 0 !!!

It was 3rd vs 5th at Hurst Cross - and I was still queuing to get in when Chorley opened the scoring in the first minute - there were a few Chorley "whingers" in the queue in front of me wobbling on about the delay in getting in (yes you Madam in the red coat !!!).  Well looking at the latest non-league attendance table  (which is very interesting reading for the stattos out there) might give a clue.  Chorley are 40th with an average of 627 - Ashton are 160th with an average of 216 - bumped up by their healthy attendance against FCUM the other week - hence the need (not !) for more than one turnstile.  The other tip of course - when going to a ground where the Social Club is OUTSIDE the ground (Ashton) as opposed to INSIDE the ground (Chorley), it is probably advisable to leave said Club before 1458hrs !!!

Anyway back to the game - Ashton recovered, regrouped and got a fine equaliser when leading scorer Aaron Burns nodded the ball past the despairing clutches of Jack Cudworth.  However, Chorley went back in front from the penalty spot to make it 1-2 at half-time.  Two in two minutes around the one hour mark (Chris Lynch and a Burns penalty) saw the home team edge in front and from then on it was pretty much end-to-end stuff which could have gone either way - there were a few nervy home fans in my vicinity !!  However Ashton held on - and late on could have got a couple more but for the heroics of Chorley 'keeper Cudworth (certainly their MOM for me !).  All in all - a cracking game of football between two good sides (despite the apparent pessimissm on the Chorley message board !) and a fine advert for the Evo Premier.

I'd had a "slight accident" on Friday evening when tidying up the kitchen when I managed to slice open my "shutter finger" - eldest lad said, "Which knife ?" - I said "Chef's Knife" - he said "Oh the one I sharpened up earlier this week !!" Nice clean cut - but painful and a bit stiff by Saturday afternoon (just getting the excuses in early !) Anyway - pics from the game at

Ashton United 3 Chorley 2

Good to see young Reco at half-time - apologies for missing you after the game (I was offered a lift home and you just can't turn them down - cheers Dave !!).   A couple of "wind-down lemonade shandies" later before home and collapsing in front of the box for some well-earned 'R and R' after what's been a bloomin' hectic week.  Woke up at late o'clock to sort out photos before finding bedroom for even more kip.

Made a start this morning by getting a load of washing on and removing old light fitting (after turning power off first of course !!) - bang this one here - and then it's a case of "get moving" in the front room with new ceiling rose and decorators' caulk.  Already been out for the "Non League Paper" to check stuff - both Stalybridge and Droylsden bowed out of the FA Trophy yesterday (again the knives are out for Celtic Manager Jim Harvey) - Hyde let a 2-0 lead slip at Ebbsfleet to lose 3-2 - Curzon lost 2-1 at Clitheroe ...but Mossley march on at the top of the Evo 1 North after a fine 2-1 at in-form Ramsbottom United - (interesting to read the report of this game in the NLP - 'twas written by my old mate Tony Cunningham who was on the Mossley board back in the 1980's but is now involved at Rammy - nearer home for him - and if he gets to read this "Hi Tony !! Best wishes to yourself and young (well not so young now !!) Phil !".
Other thoughts - what to have for tea (Mrs Smiffy away this weekend)  ?? ...

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Richard Scott said...

great photos and its okay mate had to Interview the Chorley captain.
You were right when you said the game wasn't over at half time.