Monday, November 12, 2012

Not a Great Start to the Week ...

.... so ... waiting for the 0846 train to Greenfield - 10 minutes late ... it then took 45 (forty five) minutes to get to Greenfield (normal journey time 5 minutes) - apparently due to "signalling problems" (wonder if it's connected with the brand new signalling installed at the end of October ??).

... and then it started to rain - and after three and a lot hours walking in it, my hands just "stopped working" - took me nearly 10 minutes to write out a P739 (a "Sorry You Were Out" card - or us posties say "You ordered the bloody thing -why not make some provision to receive it ??" card - tee hee !!).  We got there in the end but somewhat slower than usual ...

... and then it off to Tesco to buy tea, into the "Railway" for a pint (and a warm !) and then over the road to the railway station for the 5 minute journey home ... the 1551hrs train was in fact a Rail Replacement Bus that turned up at about 1625hrs (by now ... cold again !!) - and took slightly longer than 5 minutes to get back to Mossley.  No staff available at Greenfield (they all finish at 1420) - National Rail Enquiries were as much use as a chocolate teapot ("There will be a train at 1851hrs" - really useful ...) - all in all a pretty shambolic day.  The daftest thing was ... all the express trains were running through - but no "stoppers" ... crazy crazy crazy.

By now I'd lost all interest in life etc.  - so I cooked the tea, knocked the football on the head (Curzon Ashton have beaten Ossett Albion 3-2 by the way) ... and pulled out a pot of paint (matt white to be exact).  No other football this midweek either which is a right bugger.

Let's see if Network Rail/Northern Rail can sort out this nonsense before 0846 tomorrow - by the way Saddleworth, there's four D2Ds (you probably know them as "junk mail/leaflets") this week - so lay off the bloomin' parcels !!!

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Trotsky said...

Nothing to do with new signalling system!
All to do with the collapse of the eastern portal of Scout Tunnel!!!