Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Apologies to Shannon Saunders and Andreas Moe ...

Went out tonight with Mrs Smiffy to the Manchester Ritz, to see Lucy Spraggan in concert. There were a couple of support acts too - as per the title above.  I'm afraid Ms Saunders was not my cup of tedium (a bit of a Lucy Rose clone if you ask me), whereas Mr Moe was very good indeed (acoustic guitar and bass drum worked with his foot - as an old git I HAD to struggle to get images of Don Partridge out of my mind !!).

Point being  ... the incessant talking/shouting of a very large proportion of the audience throughout both sets.  OK, you've come to see the main attraction, but have some bloody respect for the other artistes - otherwise bugger off to the pub and come back at 2130 hrs.  Seen this so often - it must be soul-destroying for some performers - and to me it shows the true ignorance of so many self-proclaimed music lovers.  As I said before, Shannon Saunders will not be going on my CD "wants list" - but at least I gave her a chance - unlike so many others ... but I'll certainly be checking out more of Andreas Moe.

P.S. Lucy Spraggan - and her band - were excellent ... and the place was a virtual sell-out unlike a couple of months ago when I went there to see Todd Rundgren ... what is the world coming to ?!?

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