Monday, October 07, 2013

Sunday Walk ...

... second Sunday in a row ... up early-ish, grab "Non League Paper", read with relish (OK cup of tea and a ciggie !) before heading off down to Belper to pick up Mrs S before fitting in a quick walk (6 miler) on way home.  This week - Froggatt Edge and Curbar Edge.  Happy with refurbished camera - not so much with pics.  There's a small rocky pool in Froggatt Wood (we've been there before) - and I've NEVER quite managed to catch the atmosphere of the place pictorially (in my mind anyway) ... have to try again another day maybe ... anyway, walkie pics at

"Close to the Edge" - 06Oct13

Soon be Monday ... hang on, we're 10 minutes in !  Time to retire ...

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