Wednesday, October 16, 2013

First Test ... UPDATED

... scary .... not that fast ... yet ... probably because I've had to plug stuff in and mess about registering online (Christ they've had my money - they've got my details - and I've got to go through it all again !!!).  It's all good practise I suppose ... so here's a quick pic (I hope) from tonight's game at Hurst Cross ...

Lee Rick on the ball

I'm  assuming now it's all plugged in, registered etc etc etc ... the next time I  use it - it might be a touch quicker - bloody hope so !!

More later when I get home - maybe ..

VERY Early Friday Morning (!!) Rest of the pics now up and running at

Ashton United 3 Whitby Town 4

(.. and up pops another problem ... looks like my favoured JAlbum "skin" has disappeared - hey ho ...)

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