Monday, October 14, 2013

Windows 8 - AAARGH !!!!!

Let me tell you about it ...

... after tea !!!

(OK after breakfast !!)   Got a new laptop at the weekend - the old faithful Dell was showing it's age (must be at least six years old - which is probably well into it's 80s in "laptop years" ...) - problems with a few of the keys not working, odd glitches with wi-fi connections - time to upgrade .  So - a new laptop (Dell again - better the devil you know) with Windows 8 on it - no touch screen (which of course Windows 8 was designed for - saves money though).  Naturally first job is get the essential stuff on - Photoshop, FTP, JAlbum etc.  No probs here.  Then ... shift e-mail account over ... first problem ... couldn't do it !  Windows 8 does not support POP3 e-mail accounts - and my internet provider does not support the newer IMAP protocol.  So (at the moment I'm reduced to a Googlemail account - which means the "change of (e-mail) address" nightmare began (as in informing all and sundry) - and I reckon it's going to take weeks !!!

To be honest, once you get past the silly "tile" main screen and hit "Desktop", normality is resumed somewhat - but lots more to do.  Even had a quick "malware" attack as well.  'Twas only a case of 10/15 minutes or so whilst we got the anti-virus stuff loaded and running - but it took a good hour to get rid of the cr*p that managed to infiltrate in that short time ...

Still - we've now got a new working machine (whatever happened to "straight out of the box" ??), so hopefully I should be a bit more comfy when "out on the road" - which I will be on Saturday (Altrincham v Brackley Town for the "Non League Paper").

P.S. Well done to Curzon Ashton last night - 1-0 winners over Darlington 1883 - my midweek match of choice is tomorrow (Ashton United v Whitby Town - well they did give me a season ticket for "services rendered" - so I ought to get some use out of it !!).

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