Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fancy a (non-football) laugh ?

This is one I've been saving since the weekend. I managed to get a peep at "Derbyshire Life" magazine, the January 2008 edition - apart from football photos, I do have a go at outdoor/walking/landscape stuff - and I love Karen Frenkel's photography (plug = - see also this month's "Peak District Life")

Now as you may have gathered, I am not one of those who worship at the "Church of St CombustionEngine", so when I saw this quote I managed to laugh on more than one level - I give you Andrew from the "Spotted Cow" in Holbrook......

"If I see a certain 4x4 come into the car park, I know I've got to get some dauphinoise potatoes on".

I'll leave it at that - it's on page 17 if you fancy having a peep in the newsagents.

Please be assured - I'm not trying to rip the guy who said it - he used to be in IT before he moved into the food trade - it's just that if the wrong phrase falls into the wrong hands - those "wrong hands" (me) are going to make the most out of it !!!

Now as I worship at the Church of St Delia - Gratin Dauphinois takes best part of 90 minutes (page 284 of Lady Deels "Complete Cookery Course" - the bible that was given to me and Mrs Smiffy as a wedding pressie in 1984) - so I guess it's a long walk from the car park to the restaurant ..........

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